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Cacti, orchids, aloe vera, christmasstars and more

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In partnership with wholesalers

Our customers can rely on us! Once a week we deliver on nearly all seven Canary Islands.A special service that we offer with pleasure. We value the continual feedback of our customers.

Our History

CactusCanarias since 1998

Arno and Barbara Wartha started CactusCanarias 20 years ago. Since then CactusCanarias has steadily, but continuously been growing. As one of the 16 million tourists of the Canary Islands you can find our products in most supermarkets.

Why you should choose us

20 years of experience

Trust our experience. We will do our best to fullfill your wishes

Highest quality

Each product has to pass our quality control

Local supplier

We are where you are and support your business at your location.

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Please contact us for more information. Also be convinced by our favourable prices.

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