How to plant seeds?


How to plant seeds?
Before planting your seed, you have to know the conditions that the plant requires. The climate, temperature, humidity or luminosity, since there are several types of seeds.
To plant a seed, you can use a pot of the size that the future plant will require or a small pot to make a seedling that subsequently can be planted wherever you want. Fill it with substrate before sow. Moisten the soil and introduce the seeds to the depth of one cm approximately. Here you have some little guides to avoid failing on how to plant seeds.
If they are about 0.5cm wide, do not cover them with a layer greater than 1 cm. Also, make sure that the seeds are separated from each other if you plant more than one. In each pot you can plant two or three seeds, since they will have space and they will grow well. Once this step is done, you must check that there is a drain that prevents the roots to suffocate, this means that you have to check if the pot has holes in the bottom so that the water can escape and that no permanent moisture is retained. In order to get the right nutrients, it is important for the seeds to receive fertilizer from time to time. Natural fertilizers are the best option. You can buy fertilizers in specialized stores or make them yourself using (farm animal manure, coffee grounds, ...)
Watering the seeds: For the seeds to germinate, the plant must be watered regularly. Do not let the substrate dry out! Keep the pot moist, but avoid overwatering. Once the seeds have germinated, you can transplant them to another pot or another ground.

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